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Whether you're completely brand new, or an experienced comedian, the Experimental Comedy Club (ECC) is the best entry point into the world of comedy here in Perth. Check out the guide to the Perth Comedy Scene via Grassroots Comedy here.

“Grassroots Comedy has played a pivotal role in transforming Perth’s comedy landscape into a thriving community of over 500+ registered performers. This remarkable growth can be attributed to the nurturing environment and opportunities they provide for emerging and established talent alike. Central to this burgeoning scene is the Experimental Comedy Club, which has become more than just a venue; it’s a vibrant meeting ground for comedians. Every Tuesday, performers from all walks of the comedy spectrum congregate here, making it the heart and soul of Perth’s comedy community. It’s a place where ideas are exchanged, collaborations are formed, and the future of comedy in Perth is shaped, week after week. The Experimental Comedy Club’s role as a hub is not just about showcasing talent; it’s about fostering a sense of unity, a career pathway and a solid framework focused on professional development for performers. We worked closely with the team to ensure the messaging was that this is a safe space for comedians to try new styles and material, without being perceived as an audition for professional comedy nights, ultimately propelling the artform to new heights within the city.” 

- Comedy Central @ Arts Hub -

Experimental Comedy Club, Northbridge, Johnny Fox's in Lynott's Lounge Comedy shows are best. What's on tonight in Perth?

Frequenly asked questions

I'm new to comedy. Is the Experimental Comedy Club a good place for beginners?

Absolutely! The Experimental Comedy Club is renowned for being one of Australia’s top open mic rooms. It's a welcoming environment for beginners, offering a diverse platform for performers from all backgrounds. Whether you're taking your first step into comedy or looking to refine your skills, this is the perfect place to start.

What makes the Experimental Comedy Club unique for budding comedians?

Our club stands out because of the variety of talent it attracts, from local beginners to touring professionals. We've had a 75 year old start his first gig, and we've had world class comedians like Mark Normand and Stephen K Amos pop in to perform. This mix provides a rich learning environment, where you can observe a range of styles and techniques. Plus, the chance to potentially share the stage with seasoned comedians is an invaluable experience.

How can I apply for a spot at the Experimental Comedy Club's open mic nights?

It's simple! Register your name and details to get on our waitlist. All our clubs are very popular with comedians, and if you've already applied once, please don't apply again! Come down and check out the Experimental Comedy Club one night and speak to our friendly staff. This may take awhile, which is why we encourage you join our Facebook group the Perth Comedy Collective

Check out the Guide to the Perth Comedy Scene which is useful for beginners and visiting performers 

Are there any courses or seminars I should go do before I get into comedy?

We're in the process of developing a no-nonsense online course, which has been a direct development over amassing data from 3 years and 500 performers, we've kinda finally figured out what works and what doesn't. There aren't many defininitive rules to how to be a successful comedian, but there are a number of recommendations that boost your likelihood of success.

In the meantime we highly recommend checking out How to Kill in Comedy by Steve North. You can purchase the book via this non-affiliate Amazon link 

I'm not sure what to perform. Any suggestions on what material works best?

The beauty of our club is its openness to experimental comedy. We suggest starting with material that you feel passionate about. Observational humour, personal anecdotes, or even quirky, abstract concepts – anything goes! If you're looking for inspiration, attend a few shows to get a feel for the diverse range of content that hits our stage.

What should I expect on my first night performing?

Ok so you've finally done all the waiting and it's your first show. Well expect a supportive and energetic atmosphere! Our audience loves seeing new talent. When you arrive, you’ll check in with our venue manager (Dan or Xavier) who will guide you through the process. Remember, every great comedian started with their first open mic, so embrace the experience and enjoy your time on stage! The big thing for us is, don't worry, and don't make a huge deal out of whether or not you do well. Comedy is a slow process, and it can often take years to get better at it. It's all about consistency.

Whether you're completely brand new, or an experienced comedian, the Experimental Comedy Club (ECC) is the best entry point into the world of comedy here in Perth. Check out the guide to the Perth Comedy Scene via Grassroots Comedy here.

Grassroots Comedy in Perth is not just a scene; it's a burgeoning movement, now boasting over 500 registered performers. Run by working comedians who are deeply passionate about their craft, this organization has become a cornerstone of Perth's comedic landscape. Our flagship venue, the Experimental Comedy Club, was just the beginning. Now, with six diverse rooms under our banner, we're expanding rapidly, each space echoing with laughter and creativity.

Our partnerships are a testament to our reach and ambition. Collaborating with Comedy Central in Asia and major agencies in Australia, we ensure access to the finest comedy talents from around the globe. This strategic networking elevates the quality of our shows and offers unparalleled opportunities for local comedians to shine on both national and international stages.

At Grassroots Comedy in Perth, our vision is clear: to transform Perth into a world-class comedy hub. Whether you're an aspiring comedian, a seasoned performer, or a comedy lover, you're invited to join us on this exhilarating journey. Contact us and be a part of crafting a vibrant, laughter-filled future for Perth's comedy scene

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